Tuesday, 17 March 2015


On the previous weeks, I have learned a lot of things. Consist of communication skills, grouping leadership and much more. For the first task, we have been assigned to be in group of 4 members to do some research on how to make a biscuit cheese cookie.

A leader have been selected among us, and then she assigned specific task for each members. Each member will do the research, writing down on a paper, drawing and designing. Then a leader will monitor each task and keep update on how is she going to present later. From this group task, I understand how important a leader to keep doing good and make sure that other members are doing the right job instead of wasted around. Same goes to other member, where we need to obey the leader’s instructions all the time until the task being completed.

The next task is also a group task. Where I have been assigned to be in a group of 5 members to do some research about how to survive in an island in the middle of nowhere. Also, along with a magic paper to stay alive. The instructions given is that, we could make anything out of the magic paper to survive as long as it is creative. After some discussion, all the team members decided to search on Google in order to find several important tools to survive. And it turns out that tools needed are knife, lighter, compass and much more. Later, each group will present with confidence and improve ourselves in such public speaking where the event took place in front of Library.

At the end, all the things from each group were perfectly correct. Although there were some group that demonstrate their magic paper into a Unicorn, Pocket Doraemon and several weird stuff were acceptable. This is because, madam are also curious to know what is the common thing we would have in mind if the situation really happen. And bear in mind that, when a disaster happened without an alarm, the most needed equipment is fire and knife. I learned that sometimes the information that we used to learned in the primary school are rarely to be used, and sometimes those knowledge are being re-call and useful. So in order to keep moving on, we do not need to clear all those things that we learned in past, in fact, those knowledge are very valuable and worthy in the future. The lesson is that, as a group team we need to considerate, operating with trust and contribute with others fairly. The group task will not be completed if the members or team leader are not doing their job specifically. And knowing how to build influence and lead others without  title or authority, no matter what the role is, it is a workplace necessity. 

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